Custom Stone Earring Pre-Order

Stone Choice:

This is an opportunity to choose your custom one-of-a-kind stone earrings.  Choose your stones from the assortment shown here, and Amy will create your earrings  It's that simple.  If you would like to have some input about the way your earrings will be finished, just send Amy your phone number and she'll contact you to arrange a consultation.  Or...choose your stones, and let Amy work her magic.

*The stones represented here are a small representation of those that are actually available.  So, if you would like to see other choices, contact Amy to arrange a consultation:  860-235-7364.

The choices shown in this listing are:

1 - Hubei Turquoise Teardrops

2 - Hubei Turquoise Ovals

3 - Peruvian Opalina Elongated Triangles - sold

4 - Peruvian Opalina Squares - sold

5 - Large Apatite Triangles

6 - Amazonite Rectangles

7 - Peruvian Opalina Marquise

8 - Peruvian Opalina Triangles

9 - Wild Blue Ovals - sold

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